Part 2 of Project Secure Backup.

The front door for Project Secure Backup is coming together

The front door of the container coming together. This is definitely a V1. An improved version for example could simply be hidden better, rather than thinking about the structural rigidity of the container and needing to bolster any weak links. Choosing an inconspicuous place to store this has the advantage of not making it look like a target for thieves with its solid construction. None the less it’s not easy to move and should do the job to a good spec.

Sending email from a (WordPress) personal domain for free

The above video is by no means an exaggeration. The amount of time I have spent trying to get this to work is becoming silly. and now. I’ve found a solution.
The steps are: 1: Setup a SMTP client in WordPress. 2: Configure a free mailgun account. tl;dr -> Go to Step 1.

So initially I tried to configure PHP to natively sent mail, then it turns out PHP acts as a SMTP client, connecting to an external email server. That’s a problem for me as I have just registered a domain name, and to attach an email account to that domain costs money from the DNS provider (namecheap). Also I have several domains on my server.. So then I got myself really tangled trying to use a null host or some other method to send mail. After hours on IRC, talking with namecheap tech support and searching the net I ended up using postfix to connect to my namecheap email accounts (I have 2, 1 for business and 1 personal). It took some understanding to convey what I wanted to do to anybody whom could help on postfix IRC, who eventually set me up with smtp_sender_dependent_authentication on postfix. This allowed me to send mail from php where it would send from one of my two SMTP accounts, defaulting to my personal one for domains which weren’t either. This seemed to work.

  1. I’m on a new server now, and stumped upon the Postman SMTP Mailer WordPress plugin while setting up WordPress Multisite. So this plugin looks really good, and will allow me to send mail from each WordPress site on a specified domain. gr8 (m8).
    I want email to come from the domain its related to; using the Postman plugin I can’t send mail from a different domain from the one I authenticate from in my use. This is kinda annoying. I’m not going to pay for a new email account for every domain/ account for small amounts of email. Then I remembered the guys on IRC recommended another email service.
  2. Going back through my IRC log I found mailgun. Which offers sending 10,000 emails per month free. Thus the excitement. All I have to do is Modify my DNS records as detailed on the mailgun website, and they give me SMTP credentials I can use wherever, namely in my Postman WordPress plugin.
  3. Now I can send mail from my domains without setting up a hosted email account for each domain!
    Note that receiving email can be done using the routes functionality, where email is routed to a personal email address
  4. As for non WordPress email (php websites) I may use something like swiftmailer or Postfix which enable encryption. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Shutting down a Win7 PC using a UPS trigger from a Synology NAS

So I have a Synology DS216se NAS on my LAN, which I have just bought a UPS for. I bought a CyberPower Value SOHO 800 based on the reported compatible UPS systems. As hoped the NAS recognised the UPS perfectly.UPS

Next the tricky Part.

I will be running a Windows PC from the same UPS, so I want the PC to talk to the UPS and shut down accordingly.

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