Blocking websites – easily.

This is a simple instructional for blocking any domain for a whole internet connection (although you can make per computer exceptions). Basically:

  1. Create an OpenDNS account, and select domains to block.
  2. Point your internet router to OpenDNS.

So to connect to a website the first thing that happens is a DNS request, which converts a domain name into a computer readable IP address. We can use OpenDNS as our DNS server, and tell OpenDNS specific domains we want blocked (as well as domain types i.e. gambling).

  1. You need your router to point to OpenDNS, this is the tricky part, so if you can’t do this there’s no point in the other step. OpenDNS has their own instructions, but here are mine:
    • Assuming you are connected to your wifi, you will be able to log on to your routers web interface by using its IP address in your web browser. This address is usually or, if not then you will need to find out your routers IP address. Possibly printed on the bottom of it. If not maybe these instructions will help.
    • Note: be careful when changing these settings, you are responsible for any changes you make to your router. Don’t come crying to me if you break something.
      When you bring up your routers log in page, log in. This will probarbly need a username and password. Common logins are username: admin and password: password, or username: admin with no password, or blank for Belkin routers. If not, you should be able to find this out either by looking on the bottom of the router or by googling: “default password” and your routers model eg “Linksys WRT54GL” (no quotes).
    • You will need to navigate the web interface possibly to advanced settings to find the DNS settings (for LAN (not WAN)).
      Put in the OpenDNS server addresses, and (if two addresses are allowed), as your DNS server settings and save/apply.
  2. Go to openDNS and create an new account.
    • You will need to add your home network, so go to ‘add network’
    • Go to google and type IP. This will give you your home networks public IP, you can enter this into OpenDNS as your new network.
    • When you make an account and create a network you can go to the settings for that network and block specific domains.
    • Your public IP may change possibly every now and then – some internet connections will do this.. which will mean your blocked domains will no longer be blocked. In this case you will need one computer on your network to be able to update OpenDNS with your new IP when this happens.

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