LinkyMcLinkFace Part 2

So my initially Nanobridge factory reset itself, before resetting itself every minute or so. I assumed it was due to my crappy wiring initially. First thing I did was get a Ubiquiti ETH-SP Ethernet Surge Protector, this really is more related to the safety of the LAN than anything else, except that now I have the Ethernet port for the NanoBridge accessible from my ceiling. When I went to install the ETH-SP I found one pair of the network cable wasn’t connected properly.

After crimping new RJ45 jacks and re terminating the socket on the other end I found out that the conductors in the cat5 cable had actually melted their sheath inside the cable. So all this work wasn’t totally necessary, it was the cable itself that was failing :/ Not the fault of the ebay Krone tool/RJ45 crimper after all..

My current (pun) theory is that the cable was compromised, somehow it got water in it, which shorted and melted the cable making the cable really troublesome. I’ve used a shielded pre-made cat6 cable to connect from the ETH-SP in my ceiling to the NanoBridge, then replaced the NanoBridge antenna, since the previous one may be toast, and re-run the cable internally with nice quality cat5 cable I bought.

Running an earth cable for the device wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined, I just attached a few spanners to some rope, swung the rope between the two building dividing walls to the front where I can install an earth pin. So that will hopefully deal with any ESD, although the wireless access point itself is totally housed in a plastic cover.

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