Using SSL (https) on RouterOS WebFig

So when I googled this I got links to setting up a hot spot and other assorted irrelevant stuff, so I did this. I created a certificate in winbox using System/Certificates. Then, here’s the best part, went to IP/Services and gained access to to all the current services, making routerOS look like an actual OS for me, rather than a complicated WebUI for this router thing. So now I set all the services to a /16 MaskServices (leaving room for my old subnet if I need it) on my LAN IP range, and I shouldn’t be getting a crazy amount of login attempts now – after selecting my cert and ticking the box for www-ssl, thats all, ticking the freaking box. cranking out the command line not required 😀

Reminded me of this inspiring video, which linked to a new dam video. snackpot!

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